An Experimental and Numerical Study on the Oxy-MILD Combustion at Pilot Scale Heating Capacity
Pilot급 산소 MILD 연소에 관한 실험 및 수치해석적 연구

Chun-Loon Cha, Ho-Yeon Lee, Sang-Soon Hwang
2016 Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering  
MILD (Moderate and Intense Low-oxygen Dilution) combustion using oxygen as an oxidizer is considered as one of the most promising combustion technologies for high energy efficiency and for reducing nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. In order to investigate the effects of nozzle angle and oxygen velocity conditions on the formation of oxygen-MILD combustion, numerical and experimental approaches were performed in this study. The numerical results showed that the recirculation ratio ( 
more » ... rculation ratio (   ), which is an important parameter for performing MILD combustion, was increased in the main reaction zone when the nozzle angle was changed from 0 degrees to 15 degrees. Also, it was observed that a low and uniform temperature distribution was achieved at an oxygen velocity of 400 m/s. The perfectly invisible oxy-MILD flame was observed experimentally under the condition of a nozzle angle of 10° and an oxygen velocity of 400 m/s. Moreover, the NOx emission limit was satisfied with NOx regulation of less than 80 ppm.
doi:10.6110/kjacr.2016.28.7.275 fatcat:z74z4xyj5rebzdszpl4reomjc4