A Review of Sensor and Communication Medium for Monitoring Sewage Pipeline

Patel Yashkumar Vijaybhai, Dr. Puja Kanwar, Mr. Bhadreshsinh Gohil
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The rapid development, industrialization and population increase causes high demand of pure water in the urban area. Firstly, the industries, residential areas etc. release dirt, sludge in excess, hence pure water in the rivers get contaminated. Secondly, sewage network operator cannot predict that pipeline would overflow. When an emergency situation occurs, the damage caused by the waste water from sewage networks can be enormous. The government should come up with such a system where it could
more » ... stem where it could gather information about muddy water like level, volume, velocity etc. which enable government to restrict the industries. Moreover, critical situation like pipeline overflow can be identified, thus operator gets prior notification about the same. Operating expenses can also be reduced. In addition to above benefits, the information aids the researchers in their research. Pipeline network can be represented on GIS. There could be a security breach to the system so a light-weight and secure cryptographic algorithm should be developed to provide the security for data.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is030682 fatcat:ntsj3asvmbdyvjwvgfv2hzbiiu