Automated Classification and Analysis of Axons and Dendrites of Hippocampal Neurons in Cell Culture

M. -A. Abdul-Karim, N. M. Dowell-Mesfin, W. Shain, J. N. Turner, B. Roysam
2003 Microscopy and Microanalysis  
An increasing body of evidence suggests significant differences in the growth and differentiation of axons and dendrites in neurons. Automated methods to classify process type would greatly facilitate studying these differences. We have developed adaptive image analysis and registration tools, and type-specific markers for dendrites and axons to segment exclusively each process type for detailed quantitative morphometric analysis. Hippocampal neurons were grown in vitro on poly-lysine coated
more » ... ly-lysine coated silicon surfaces, fixed and immunolabeled for MAP-2 and ß-III Tubulin proteins. MAP2+ labeling was confined to cell somas and more proximal dendrites MAP2+ (Fig. 1a) , while and Tubulin+ labeling labeled the somas and all processes (Fig. 1b) . Images were acquired using epifluorescence microscopy, utilizing separate filter sets to acquire the MAP2+ and Tubulin+ data sets.
doi:10.1017/s143192760344052x fatcat:omtpebioxng2tfji2z7neumoq4