Relative Value of Short-, Mid-, and Long-Duration Storage Technologies in Reliable Wind and Solar Electricity Systems

Anna X. Li, Jacqueline A. Dowling, Tyler H. Ruggles, Edgar Virguez, Ken Caldeira, Nathan S. Lewis
2022 Zenodo  
Carbon emission policies around the world call for the transition of electricity generation to renewable resources, primarily solar and wind. However, solar and wind are intermittent by nature, motivating energy storage to match electricity supply and demand. Short-duration storage can smooth sharp peaks in generation by charging and discharging daily, and long-duration storage can accommodate seasonal variation in generation by storing vast amounts of energy over seasons and even years. Here,
more » ... e use a macro-energy model to analyze the value several promising storage technologies. We find that multiple storage technologies can compete to fill different roles, storing energy over a range of timescales. Our analysis indicates that long-duration (low-energy capacity cost) storage can largely fill short- and mid-duration storage needs. This points toward geographic, resource, and sociopolitical advantages beyond the cost of storage technologies guiding investment and policy decisions relevant to energy storage.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7246391 fatcat:jxg55bbfyvh3zo4nz6wlkxlghe