DREAM - A New Soft X-ray (Dynamic REAction Microscopy) COLTRIMS Endstation at LCLS-II

Michael Holmes, Lope Amores, Jean-Charles Castagna, Justin James, Timur Osipov, Peter Walter, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Tavakoli, Keihan (Ed.), Tilmont, Manuel (Ed.)
SLAC is building new soft X-ray beamlines to take advantage of the LCLS-II upgrade to 1 MHz. One of the new beamlines is called TMO (Time resolved Molecular Optical science) also known as NEH 1.1. It will be a soft X-ray beamline featuring a sub-micron X-ray focus at its second, most downstream interaction region where the DREAM COLTRIMS (COld Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy) endstation will be situated. DREAM will feature; large magnetic coils to provide a strong uniform magnetic field
more » ... form magnetic field through the spectrometer, rigid in-vacuum laser in- & out-coupling optics decoupled from the chamber support stand for pump-probe experiments, a multi-stage differentially pumped gas jet with catcher, insertable diagnostics, a long-distance microscope, scatter slits, a steerable gas jet, jet slits, and an adjustable stand to bias the spectrometer off-center from the interaction region. In order to achieve a spot overlap spec of 0.5 um; the KB mirrors, laser optics, & beam position diagnostics all sit on a common granite support structure to minimize mechanical vibrations and thermal drifts. An in-vacuum UHV hexapod will be utilized for fine positioning of the laser in-coupling optic.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2018-thph21 fatcat:6eai7btw2rcvnhwg6cmj555p3e