A Review on Machine Learning Models in Injection Molding Machines

Senthil Kumaran Selvaraj, Aditya Raj, R. Rishikesh Mahadevan, Utkarsh Chadha, Velmurugan Paramasivam, Fuat Kara
2022 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
One of the most suitable methods for the mass production of complicated shapes is injection molding due to its superior production rate and quality. The key to producing higher quality products in injection molding is proper injection speed, pressure, and mold design. Conventional methods relying on the operator's expertise and defect detection techniques are ineffective in reducing defects. Hence, there is a need for more close control over these operating parameters using various machine
more » ... ing techniques. Neural networks have considerable applications in the injection molding process consisting of optimization, prediction, identification, classification, controlling, modeling, and monitoring, particularly in manufacturing. In recent research, many critical issues in applying machine learning and neural network in injection molding in practical have been addressed. Some problems include data division, collection, and preprocessing steps, such as considering the inputs, networks, and outputs, algorithms used, models utilized for testing and training, and performance criteria set during validation and verification. This review briefly explains working on machine learning and artificial neural network and optimizing injection molding in industries.
doi:10.1155/2022/1949061 fatcat:lzi6kpqmdzcdrbr4tagwggdtp4