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1913 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
we have at hand. The problems concerning the spleen in its relation to blood destruction and regeneration are exceedingly complex, and the experimental and clinical evidence often paradoxical; but until more definite knowledge is at hand splenectomy in anemia, not accompanied by splenomegaly as in the lianti type, should not be urged as a procedure having a definite scientific basis. R. M. Pearce, M.D., Philadelphia. [Comment.--We are glad to print the foregoing communication from Professor
more » ... from Professor Pearee and to call attention in this way to his researches on the relation of the spleen to the blood. The question of the relation of the spleen to iron metabolism is, it must be frankly admitted, still sub judice. With respect to the final contention in the foregoing communication we believe that we were quite as cautious in drawing any permanent conclusions as Professor Pearee has been. Our object was essentially to give prominence to a suggestion which is not entirely devoid of an experimental background. The limitations of our knowledge in this field were plainly referred to. -Ed.]
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