HPIS: A Scalable Routing Protocol for WMN

Tapodhir Acharjee, Azhar Hussain, Mozumder, Sudipta Roy
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have gained much attention because of their capability of providing reliable wireless coverage to large geographical areas with or without infrastructure requirements. Due to their inherent limitations and the increasing number of users demanding high QoS performances, wireless mesh networks have attracted the attention of researchers worldwide to address the scalability, performance degradation and service disruption issues. In the last decade, the cost, size and
more » ... the cost, size and energy requirements of radio devices have declined significantly, which allows multiple radios to be used within a single device which can work in multiple frequency bands supporting a variety of functions as needed. In this paper, we propose a scalable routing protocol called HPIS and analyze and compare the scalability performance of BATMAN and HWMP protocols with our proposed protocol by simulation, considering different parameters like end-to-end delay, packet loss, and throughput.