MOESM9 of Assessment of in vitro particle dosimetry models at the single cell and particle level by scanning electron microscopy

Thomas Kowoll, Susanne Fritsch-Decker, Silvia Diabaté, Gerd Nienhaus, Dagmar Gerthsen, Carsten Weiss
2018 Figshare  
Additional file 9. ADs measured on cell-free pre-coated substrates are compared with calculated ADs using sticky boundary conditions (KD = 10−9 mol/L). Deposition experiments were performed with cell-free ITO/glass substrates, precoated with CCM and conditioned CCM with 100 nm (squares), 200 nm (circles) and 500 nm (triangles) silica particles at different concentrations for 1 h (full symbols) and 4 h (empty symbols). Orange color represents pre-coatings performed with CCM and violet color
more » ... sents pre-coatings with conditioned CCM. The black diagonal line indicates an ideal match between measured and calculated ADs. The red line displays the result of linear regression with fixed intercept at zero (slope 0.15, Pearson correlation coefficient: 0.8). Note the difference in slope between the red and the black lines, indicating poor agreement of measured and simulated results.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7440125.v1 fatcat:giucitwpyjad3bcmd6vsjiquuu