Optimal charging of open spin-chain quantum batteries via homodyne-based feedback control [article]

Y. Yao, X. Q. Shao
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We study the problem of charging a dissipative one-dimensional XXX spin-chain quantum battery using local magnetic fields in the presence of spin decay. The introduction of quantum feedback control based on homodyne measurement contributes to improve various performance of the quantum battery, such as energy storage, ergotropy, and effective space utilization rate. For the zero temperature environment, there is a set of optimal parameters to ensure that the spin-chain quantum battery can be
more » ... y charged and the energy stored in the battery can be fully extracted under the perfect measurement condition, which is found through the analytical calculation of a simple two-site spin-chain quantum battery and further verified by numerical simulation of a four-site spin-chain counterpart. For completeness, the adverse effects of imperfect measurement, anisotropic parameter, and finite temperature on the charging process of the quantum battery are also considered.
arXiv:2207.05926v1 fatcat:lolofte2tjg27f7fkwh6n5aomm