Simulation study of front-illuminated GaN avalanche photodiodes with hole-initiated multiplication

Yangqian Wang, Yuliang Zhang, Yang A. Yang, Xing Lu, Xinbo Zou, Nikos Konofaos
2020 Cogent Engineering  
A flip-chip GaN p-i-n-i-n avalanche photodiode (APD) which integrates the merits of the prevailing APDs-hole-initiated multiplication process and frontillumination is proposed and studied via simulation. The simulation parameters used were firstly calibrated with a fabricated PiN diode. With a 200-nm-thick multiplication layer in the flip-chip GaN p-i-n-i-n diode, the calculated breakdown voltage was around 75 V and the optical gain could reach 10 5 . Geiger-mode APDs were demonstrated using
more » ... monstrated using two quenching schemes. With a passive resistive quenching circuit, it took about 30 μs to finish the current quenching and voltage reset process. While by adding an n-MOSFET device to form an active quenching circuit, the current quenching process was significantly accelerated and the dead time was reduced to be dozens of nanoseconds only.
doi:10.1080/23311916.2020.1764171 fatcat:s7ibylweufaxderkg2lyf67uzi