Laser assisted crown lengthening-a multidisciplinary approach: A review

Premjith, Shreema Shetty, Divya Shetty, Ashika Kailar
2017 unpublished
Crown lengthening is a resective procedure achieved by partial removal of supporting periodontal tissues to increase exposure of coronal tooth structure. It is an essential adjunctive procedure for restorative dentists for the treatment of grossly decayed or badly mutilated teeth. Crown lengthening can be best accomplished by lasers which have advantages of precision, better wound healing, less discomfort and esthetics. Cases indicated for crown lengthening in the esthetic zone requires special
more » ... ne requires special considerations to achieve desirable results. Implementation of proper diagnostic criteria, surgical and restorative protocols and use of lasers maximizes the predictability and success of this procedure. This article reviews the functional and esthetic demands of laser assisted crown lengthening.