Performance Evaluation of a Horizontal Air Staged Inclined Biomass-to-Heat Energy Converter for Drying Paper Egg Trays

Chong Kok Hing, Puong Law, Ling, Rubiyah Baini, Shanti Faridah Saleh, Andrew Ragai, Henry Rigit, Puong Law, Manufacturing Ling, Engineering
This study presents the performance evaluation of a horizontal air staged inclined biomass-to-heat energy (B2H) converter used for drying purposes in the production of paper egg-trays. The thermal properties and moisture content of the selected biomass such as oil palm kernel shell and wood chips were assessed. The influence of air mixture ratio (AMR) on temperature profile, flue gases composition and combustion efficiency of the selected biomass were determined with a Testo 350XL flue gas
more » ... 350XL flue gas analyser. It was observed that an increase in AMR led to an increase in the average temperature of the pyrolytic chamber but decreased the average temperature of the exhaust, with insignificant change in the surrounding temperature. CO, H 2 , NO x and SO 2 concentrations were inversely proportional to an increase in AMR and an increase in oxygen content in the B2H converter exhaust. Combustion efficiency of the B2H converter was inversely proportional to an increase in AMR. Combustion efficiency of 67.00 0.34 % was achieved with Experiment vii. CO and NO x emissions at the B2H exhaust (Experiment-vii) met the EPA regulations, that is, 193.35 9.17 ppmv and 9.20 0.87 ppmv, respectively. SO 2 emission at the B2H exhaust, however, was lower than the NIOSH regulations, that is, 4.57 1.08 ppmv. Thus the B2H converter demonstrated that CO, NO x and SO 2 emissions can be significantly reduced with oil palm kernel shell and wood chips.