Free Radial Forearm Flap in an Adult with Hypospadias

Chih-Cheng Luo, Chen-Sheng Huang, Jeng-Yee Lin, Chi-Feng Huang, Zung-Chung Chen
A 22-year-old man presented with a scarred neophallus and complex hypospadias. The local penile skin was inadequate for urethral repair. A 16 cm free radial forearm flap was used for urethral replacement. Microvascular anastomosis allowed this flap to remain viable and functional. One year postoperatively, the patient had satisfactory functional and cosmetic outcomes. A small fistula developed in the course of the proximal anastomosis, and it was successfully repaired. Our case describes the
more » ... se describes the successful use of a free radial forearm flap for urethral reconstruction. (Chang Gung Med J 2007;30:168-71)