Efficient simulation of ship maneuvers in waves [thesis]

Jochen Schoop-Zipfel, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud
This thesis reports on the development and the subsequent comparison of two numerical models to simulate the maneuvering motion of ships in waves. A two-time scale model is introduced that divides the basic motion equations into two groups - the zero-frequency maneuvering motion and the high-frequency wave-induced motion. Each group is solved separately and certain parameters are exchanged. Additionally, a unified theory is presented. It is based on the impulse-response function, in which the
more » ... tardation functions are built up for the entire motion frequency range and integrated during the time simulation over the elapsed time. A validation with experimental data from the literature is conducted with both methods.
doi:10.15480/882.1375 fatcat:j7t4sm4u5jh2fhihudnc2r2yh4