The brittle mica-like KNiAsO4 and its organic derivatives

Klaus Beneke, Gerhard Lagaly
1982 Clay minerals  
The nickel arsenate KNiAsO4 has a mica-like layer structure with surface charge densities similar to brittle micas. In contrast to micas it easily exchanges alkylammonium ions. The interlayers have paraffin-type chain arrangements, as in alkylammonium vermiculites and alkylamine smectites and vermiculites, but the very regular chain packing causes a marked odd/even alternation of the basal spacings. The reactions of KNiAsO4 throw light on the exchange behaviour of micas.
doi:10.1180/claymin.1982.017.2.02 fatcat:pjawkgqucnefzf6bo6sejj4u2i