Conversion of Magnetic-Field Energy Into Kinetic Energy in the Solar Wind

Y. C. Whang
1971 Astrophysical Journal  
The outflow of the solar magnetic field energy (the radial component of the Poynting vector) per steradian is inversely proportional to the solar wind velocity. It is a decreasing function of the heliocentric distance. When the magnetic field effect is included in the one-fluid model of the solar wind, the transformation of magnetic field energy into kinetic energy during the expansion process increases the solar wind velocity at 1 AU by 17 percent. The predicted solar wind conditions at 1 AU
more » ... onditions at 1 AU are u = 302 km/sec, n =8protons/cm3, T = 1.5X105"K, q = 1.4X10-2 erg/cm2/sec,B=7.3y@= 129S",and p = 1.58. They agree very well with the observed quiet solar wind.
doi:10.1086/151149 fatcat:mohiz4idyvhnbdnwkfpikxs3gy