Guiding-center Hamiltonian figure-8 particles in axisymmetric field-reversed configurations [report]

H.E. Mynick
1979 unpublished
The guiding-center HamiJtonian K is derived for so-called "figure-8" particles which are present in field-reversed mirror configurations, using a formalism developed previously. For such particles, the gyro-orbit cannot be approximated by a circle, and standard approaches to guiding-center theory are thus totally inapplicable. K manifests this intrinsic difference by a quite different dependence on the gyroaction, and by familiar effects such as mirroring and magnetic-gradient drifts being
more » ... t drifts being controlled by the radial derivative of the magnetic field strength B at the point of field-reversal, rather than by B itself, as occurs in standard guiding-center theory.
doi:10.2172/5824097 fatcat:6bzupmr4j5dxxnecqv6xdnchjy