A feedforward control system for the active noise control of a triple-pane aircraft-type window [post]

Andrea Pierré
2022 unpublished
Aircraft windows are a significant path for structure-borne and air-borne noise transmission in aircraft. Turbulent Boundary Layer noise is mainly transmitted into the cabin by airborne paths, but structure-borne noise, associated with engine vibration and the interaction between aerodynamic wakes and aircraft structure, makes a significant contribution to interior noise levels, especially at certain discrete frequencies. Active systems can be efficiently designed in order to reduce the amount
more » ... f noise transmitted through the aircraft window, contributing to improve passenger's comfort perception of the interior noise. In this paper, an active noise control system applied to a triple-pane aircraft window prototype is presented. Piezoelectric actuators are integrated on a window prototype in order to adaptively enhance its vibro-acoustic absorption capabilities and to control the acoustic radiation from the vibrating panes. The active noise control performances of the developed Filtered-x LMS controller, driving the piezo stacks mounted on the window prototype, are numerically evaluated in a reference acoustic enclosure subjected to a primary tonal noise source.
doi:10.31224/2721 fatcat:fpd5al4egvbbpodfwczbk34mty