Evaluation of discrepancies in spatial distribution of rainfall erosivity in the Czech Republic caused by different approaches using GIS and geostatistical tools

J. Brychta, M. Janeček
2017 Soil and Water Research  
The study presents all approaches of rainfall erosivity factor (R) computation and estimation used in the Czech Republic (CR). A lot of distortions stem from the difference in erosive rainfall criteria, time period, tipping rain gauges errors, low temporal resolution of rainfall data, the type of interpolation method, and inappropriate covariates. Differences in resulting R values and their spatial distribution caused by the described approaches were analyzed using the geostatistical method of
more » ... mpirical Bayesian Kriging and the tools of the geographic information system (GIS). Similarity with the highest temporal resolution approach using 1-min rainfall data was analyzed. Different types of covariates were tested for incorporation to the cokriging method. Only longitude exhibits high correlation with R and can be recommended for the CR conditions. By incorporating covariates such as elevation, with no or weak correlation with R, the results can be distorted even by 81%. Because of significant yearly variation of R factor values and not clearly confirmed methodology of R values calculation and their estimation at unmeasured places we recommend the R factor for agricultural land in the Czech Republic R = 40 MJ/ha·cm/h +/– 10% depends on geographic location.
doi:10.17221/176/2015-swr fatcat:yhqythtlabh6pkhiym5dxgs5aq