Finite-time extended dissipative based optimal guaranteed cost resilient control for switched neutral systems with stochastic actuator failures

Quanxin Zhu, T. Saravanakumar, S. Gomathi, S. Marshal Anthoni
2019 IEEE Access  
This work is devoted to the results of extended dissipative based on finite-time resilient guaranteed cost control of switched neutral time-delayed system subject to mismatched uncertainties and stochastic actuator failures. Particularly, a new novel actuator fault is implemented by considering that the actuator fault follows a certain probabilistic distribution. The proper guaranteed cost function is chosen to achieve an adequate level of performance. Moreover, the extended dissipative
more » ... ty includes some well-known weighting matrices such as H ∞ performance, L 2 − L ∞ performance, passivity case, mixed H ∞ and passivity case, and dissipativity performance, respectively. The main aim of this work is to model a resilient guaranteed cost sampled-data controller such that the proposed system is finite-time stable and satisfies the finite-time extended dissipative performance index. Under the Lyapunov stability theory and proper Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional (LKF) together with Writinger-based integral inequality, a new set of delay-dependent sufficient conditions is obtained to ensure the finite-time stability of the switched neutral system. Moreover, the obtained finite-time sufficient conditions are derived in the form of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), which can be determined via Matlab LMI software. At last, the examples are exploited to show the effectiveness of the considered design procedures. INDEX TERMS Switched neutral system, fault-tolerant sampled-data control, finite-time extended dissipative, optimal guaranteed cost resilient control, stochastic actuator failures.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2926524 fatcat:72pav5oluvcetohztezctuwzra