The Pneumatic Torpedo-Gun; its Uses Ashore and Afloat

E. L. Zalinski
1889 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
GESERAL TIIE RIMIT H O~. wscoum1 woLsmw, KP" G.c.u., G.C.X.G., b-c., &c. Adjutnnt-Gencml .to the Foi~cs, in tlic Chair. THE PNEUMATIC TORPEDO-GUN ; ITS USES ASHORE AKD AFLOAT. 139 Captain E. L. ZILIXSKI, 5th Artillcry U.S. Army. Tlic CWAIUXAS : I think a c rcnlly ow0 Cnptnin %dinski nn npo1ogF for llic smnllnes3 of tlio nudicncc. It is not often that wc liavc to find fault with thosc who direct tlic affairs of this Institution. Dut, I think, in thc prcscnt iiid:iiicc thcy nrc sonicnhnt, if not
more » ... sonicnhnt, if not rcrf much, to blame, for not haring postponcil tliis lccturc until nftcr the Shnli's visit to tlic City had bikcn place, and tile various ccnmonics that arc to occupy this wcct had bccn got througli. I nin quite ccrt:iin, l i d it bccn nny ordinary timc, Cnptnin Zalinslii would hiivc lint1 a rery ciiowlcd lid1 to lcctiiru to, and, for mjsclf, I nin surc I cclio tlic fcclingr of all who t:ih nn intcrcd in t h i~ r e r j iiuportint subject, wlicn I m y that I hope t h t Iic will p r d o n tlic Institiition for tho suinll nntlicncc that lie is cnllcd lipon to spciik bcforo tliis nftcrnoon. I Iinrc 110 doubt that nil prcsccat kiioa Cnptniii Zdinslii Hell Lr n:iinc, 31though JOU m n~-not liarc bad thc honoJr and p h s i i r c of nrecting iiini bcfore, 1 fed that IIC dcecrrcs R warm and cordial reception from tlic O5ecrs of tlic Army nnd Farr, nntl froiii dl the incmbcrs of this Institution for many ri*nwn9 ; first of all bccnosc IIC is an Olliccr in tlic druiy of tlic Uiiitcd Statc~, sccondl~, bccrnsc hc is tho inrcntor of R rerr wonderful iinplcniciit of xnr, wliicli most probably is drstined to rcrtniiily influence, if not rcrolutioiiizc, \mrfnre in future, both on land and sca. Dut still more Iiu dcscrrcs our cordial grecting bccnusc kc conics from I ) kindrd nation on tlic otlirr sidc of tlic Atlantic, nnd we nro nlaiiy prcprcd licrc and elscwhcrc in all societicj wlicrc English gcntlcruen meet togctkcr, to olfer to all that COUIC from t1ici:cc a cordial and lirarty wclcomc.' COISCIDEST with adcinccs in tlic arts of civilization u-c find rapid ndvnnces i n the arts of dcstruction. Applinriccs for attack arc luct Ly ncw dcfensivc npplianccs. nnrl tlicse agiiii by niorc powcrfiil instruments of dcstructinn. n'citlicr the att:ick nor thc dcfcnce arc long pcrinittcd to rctain an absolutc supcdority. At tho prescnt dntc tlic gun hns practically orcrpowcred tlic armour which mny bn CniTicd afloat. Tlio portion of n ship which can be pimtcctcct from tlic Iiigli-powcr gnns of cvcn mcdium cnlibrcs is now rcduccd to a mcro citatlcl, and ihc wholc qncstion of nrmour liss thereforc conipletelj changed sirico thc days of " La Gloire " and I [A-oolr.--Tlic day for rending tliis papcr m s fixcd by tlic Conncil, with tlic concurrence of Captain ZnlinjLi, nnd tlic arrnngcmcnt could not nfterwarda bc altered. -GEOME EUBIIHE, Qeneral, Chairman of Council. Src nlso tho remarks made during the discurion by Admiral Boys, Vice-Chairmen of Council.] Downloaded by [University of California, San Diego] at 12:34 29 June 2016 The I'alre. Tlic ralro is known as a " balanced valve," 80 nnanged as to open and close by a single movemcnt of the operator. The time of opening and closing caii be varied by an adjusting dcvicc so that any desired loss of prcjsnro will ensue. In this way the rimge can bc cliangcd witliout change either of clcvation or prcssurc. Tlio -ialvo scttiug can be constantly changed to conform to the variations of rango rnucli more quickly and accurately tlian can bc ncconiplislicd by correspond: ing change of elcvntion of n gun. The prcssnro in.tIic rcscrvoir is reduced a t each fire by any predetermined amount, thc valve being ndjustnble to nccornplisli this nutomatically. Tlie most ccoiiomical results are obtained with tho air acting exp:insivcly. A loss of 12 to 15 per cent. with (L reservoir of five capacities of thc gun-bore is ordiuarily the mnsiiiiuln which cau bc uscd with advantage.
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