Research Summary and Literature Review on Modelling and Simulation of Heat Pumps for Simultaneous Heating and Cooling for Buildings

Paul Byrne
2022 Energies  
A heat pump for simultaneous heating and cooling (HPS) is a refrigeration machine by which the productions of heating and cooling energies are simultaneously valorized. This introductory article presents the uses of heat pump productions under the form of an analysis of thermal demands of different types of buildings and a literature review of real installations and experimental systems, which are the basis of the construction of numerical models. The applications of HPSs are diverse: space
more » ... ing and cooling, domestic hot water (DHW), hot water for desalination process, etc. Means and methods for improving the performance of refrigeration cycles and the management of heat and cold productions are developed, including modeling and simulation. New refrigeration circuit architectures were designed. A focus is paid on refrigerants. Prototypes combining heating-cooling, heating-cooling-DHW and cooling-desalination have been developed, built and tested to validate the models. Even though a strong simultaneity of thermal demands is essential, the results show that HPSs are generally very efficient systems.
doi:10.3390/en15103529 fatcat:jdxbbvhserglxp4l6joupl6uoi