Higher-twist effects in the Drell-Yan angular distribution

K.J. Eskola, P. Hoyer, M. Vänttinen, R. Vogt
1994 Physics Letters B  
We study the Drell-Yan process $\pi N \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^- X$ at large $x_F$ using perturbative QCD. A higher-twist mechanism suggested by Berger and Brodsky is known to qualitatively explain the observed $x_F$ dependence of the muon angular distribution, but the predicted large $x_F$ behavior differs quantitatively from observations. We have repeated the model calculation taking into account the effects of nonasymptotic kinematics. At fixed-target energies we find important corrections
more » ... nt corrections which improve the agreement with data. The asymptotic result of Berger and Brodsky is recovered only at much higher energies. We discuss the generic reasons for the large corrections at high $x_F$. A proper understanding of the $x_F \to 1$ data would give important information on the pion distribution amplitude and exclusive form factor.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)90178-3 fatcat:2zn7uorqpbaxvkyahdf6qkxsru