Study and Review of Hybrid Approach for Privacy Preserving Data Mining

Gunjan Bonde, Akash Waghmare
In today's era of growing technology the data collected by organizations has the requirement to preserve the privacy of the individuals. It needs to maintain privacy of the individuals because users sensitive data is stored online over the centralized repository. The techniques like anonymization, randomization are used to achieve the privacy. But anonymization leads to certain level of information loss while preserving privacy. To overcome this drawback, hybrid approach is used. The proposed
more » ... stem involves combination of two techniques i.e anatomization and perturbation techniques. The quasi-identifiers like zip code, age, gender of a person does not seem to be very important to protect but these fields when linked with some other attributes can expose the identity or sensitive information of an individual. The hybrid method focuses on the goal of preserving privacy by anatomizing and perturbing the quasi identifiers in the sensitive data of customers stored on centralized data repository without causing any loss to the information.