Directional neutron detectors for use with 14 MeV neutrons :fiber scintillation methods for directional neutron detection [report]

Duane A Sunnarborg, Justin D Peel, Nicholas Mascarenhas, Wondwosen Mengesha
2005 unpublished
Current Joint Test Assembly (JTA) neutron monitors rely on knock-on proton type detectors that are susceptible to X-rays and low energy gamma rays. We investigated two novel plastic scintillating fiber directional neutron detector prototypes . One prototype used a fiber selected such that the fiber width was less than 2 .1mm which is the range of a proton in plastic . The difference in the distribution of recoil proton energy deposited in the fiber was used to determine the incident neutron
more » ... ncident neutron direction . The second prototype measured both the recoil proton energy and direction . The neutron direction was determined from the kinematics of single neutron-proton scatters . This report describes the development and performance of these detectors .
doi:10.2172/875616 fatcat:s6ljvuqcr5gxlhdhb4luhd4lga