Heterotrophic flagellates and centrohelid heliozoa from littoral and supralittoral zones of the Black Sea (the Southern part of the Crimea)

K. I. Prokina, A A. Mylnikov, A. P. Mylnikov
2017 Protistology  
Species composition and morphology of heterotrophic flagellates and centrohelid heliozoa in littoral and supralittoral zones of the Black Sea in the Southern part of the Crimea were studied. Overall, 68 species of heterotrophic flagellates and 2 species of centrohelids were encountered in this survey, of which 44 species are the first records for the Black Sea. Many species are widespread and known not only from marine but also from freshwater and soil habitats. Most observed species feed on
more » ... teria, 14 species consume other protists (heterotrophic flagellates, algae, and naked amoebae). Micrographs and morphological descriptions of 20 species
doi:10.21685/1680-0826-2017-11-3-2 fatcat:bdioivctsvezfkstz4osmzjgju