Optimal Scheduling of Microgrid with Multiple Distributed Resources Using Interval Optimization

Chongxin Huang, Dong Yue, Song Deng, Jun Xie
2017 Energies  
In this paper, an optimal day-ahead scheduling problem is studied for a microgrid with multiple distributed resources. For the sake of coping with the prediction uncertainties of renewable energies and loads and taking advantage of the time-of-use price for buying/selling electricity, an interval-based optimization model for maximum profits is developed. To reduce the computational complexity in solving the model, the possibility degree comparison between an interval and a real number is used
more » ... convert the interval constraints into the general ones; meanwhile, some slack variables and complementary conditions are introduced to eliminate the absolute-value operation. Unlike the stochastic optimization, the interval optimization only needs the upper-lower bounds of the uncertain variables instead of their probability distribution functions, which is beneficial to the practical application. Furthermore, the possible profit interval and the expected optimal profit can be determined by solving the optimization model. Numerical simulations are performed on a microgrid system modified from the benchmark low voltage network in the European Union project "Microgrid", and the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
doi:10.3390/en10030339 fatcat:zj3bfwp62fgm7bc43bhcffk77a