Discrete and Continuous ambush games: optimal policies and approximate solutions [article]

Emmanuel Boidot, Aude Marzuoli, Eric Feron
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We consider an autonomous navigation problem, whereby a traveler aims at traversing an environment in which an adversary tries to set an ambush. A two players zero sum game is introduced. Players' strategies are computed as random path distributions, a realization of which is the path chosen by the traveler. A parallel is drawn between the discrete problem, where the traveler moves on a network, and the continuous problem, where the traveler moves in the plane. Analytical optimal policies are
more » ... rived. Using assumptions from the Minimal Cut - Maximal Flow literature, the optimal value of the game is shown to be related to the maximum flow on the environment in both the discrete and the continuous cases, when the reward function for the ambusher is uniform. A linear program is introduced that allows for the computation of optimal policies, compatible with non-uniform reward functions. In order to relax the assumptions for the computation of the players' optimal strategies of the continuous game, a network is created, inspired by recently introduced sampling based motion planning techniques, and the linear program is adapted for continuous constraints.
arXiv:1612.02135v1 fatcat:jcnww2utebf5rp2e5zujgdgpyq