Locomotive for the Mont Cenis Railway

1866 Scientific American  
by th ese springs is regulated by bars bearing upon I Moreover, as spring· bottom oil cups are usually them, which bars are capable of adjustment by means I made, the bottom is often "set" or dished by un of a shaft extending across the engine, and furnished I necessary pressure, so that in a short time it is us'e with right and left handed screws. This shalt carries less for its office. at the end of it a worm wheel, into which gears a In this invention, as shown by the engraving, these worm
more » ... aving, these worm connected by shaf[s and bevel gear, with a evils are eft' ectually overcome. The first one, by hand wheel on the foot plate, and the pressure put placing the cup within a false bottom, A, as shown in upon the horizontal wheels can thuB be regulated by the broken·out part, and the second by inserting a
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican02241866-130 fatcat:soc7kiu2qzbkhhoe6js2cb6ywe