Interaction and solid-state reaction between manganese chloride tetrahydrate and Y zeolites (NaY or LaNaY)

J. Thoret, P. P. Man, E. Duprey, J. Fraissard
1998 Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions  
Mixtures of Y zeolites (NaY or and manganese chloride tetrahydrate are treated in air at LaNaNH 4 Y) atmospheric pressure. Depending on the treatment temperature, three successive processes can occur : T t , maximum halide insertion into the supercages at low temperature (503 K) ; maximum cation exchange at 683 K and solidÈsolid reactions with the appearance of new crystalline phases at ca. 1073 K.
doi:10.1039/a804114h fatcat:boajtvnkbrajdgah4zq2lqc6qe