Characteristics Analysis of Induction Generator with a Change in Rotor Speed
회전속도 변화에 따른 유도발전기의 특성 해석

Jong-Gyeum Kim, Young-Jeen Park, Il-Jung Kim, Young-Kuk Kim
2011 The Transactions of The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers  
Squirrel cage induction motor is the main driving system of industrial field and familiar with its use in a large variety of applications. However, many engineer are unfamiliar with the induction generator, even though no difference exists between both machines except for the mode of operation. But an induction generator is commonly used for micro & small hydro power applications due to its simplicity, reliability, low cost and robustness. Input and output of induction motor has turned against
more » ... t the induction generator operation. Rotation speed of induction generator is small faster than induction motor. As output of induction machines increases with the increasement of speed, so loss is same. Actually, generator efficiency is lower than motor at this condition. If induction generator is connected with mechanical load, total efficiency is decreased. In this paper, we analyzed that input, output, torque and efficiency is different from each other above and below synchronous speed.
doi:10.5370/kiee.2011.60.12.2225 fatcat:7mugd5aerzfqjot5umljomtasa