The Relationship of Offline Learning with Discrete Mathematics Learning Interests After the Pandemic

Lilia Sinta Wahyuniar, Dwi Harini, Umi Mahdiyah, Siti Rochana
2022 Journal of Instructional Mathematics  
This article aims to determine the relationship between offline learning and interest in learning discrete mathematics after the pandemic. The research method used is quantitative. The sampling technique in this study used purposive sampling. Data collection in this study used a questionnaire with a Likert scale of 1 to 5. The variables in this study consisted of variable X, namely offline learning and variable Y, namely interest in learning. Each variable consists of 4 indicators. The result
more » ... this research is that there is a relationship between offline learning and students' interest in learning in discrete mathematics courses of 0.801. So it can be said that the relationship between offline learning and learning interest is very strong. This is because in offline learning students can interact directly with the lecturer so that discrete mathematics material that has not been understood can be directly asked during learning. Offline learning can also encourage interest in learning so that students are more enthusiastic and enthusiastic about participating in discrete mathematics lectures.
doi:10.37640/jim.v3i1.1378 fatcat:iy6lc5cazvdmlcjxcw4c3drqry