Shahraj Parveen, Meenakshi Mathur, Jai Narayan
2014 Int. J. Agr. Ext   unpublished
Capacity Adolescents have very special and distinct needs, which can no longer be overlooked. Many of the programme and policies are presented in India are only for children and women focus. So this age group are marginalised in general education, life skill, nutrition, and lack of counselling of their future life. The majority of our adolescents today are those who have either dropped out of school or have never enrolled. Therefore, the greatest challenge is to provide meaningful educational
more » ... ngful educational opportunities for them through many possible avenues that link the formal school with arenas of non-formal and vocational education. So the present study was undertaken with the objectives (1) To assess the impact of capacity building through the general and life skill education by intervention of 4 month residential camp of under privileged adolescent girls. (2) To assess the impact of nutritional status of under privileged adolescent girls through intervention. The study was undertaken in Pisangan Block of Ajmer District of Rajasthan India. The size of the sample was 50 and exclusively purposive sampling technique was used. The major finding of the study was in general education of pre analysis almost 50% girls were illiterate and 34 % were dropped out upto 4 th class, and in post analysis 64% girls acquired the level of 6 th class. Pre assessment of the results shows that 68% girls were fell in underweight, 15% were normal and only 2% girls were in overweight or obese categories. After intervention of 4 month residential camp more than sixty percent girls improved their nutritional level and came in normal BMI index. The result of the life skill reveals that 94 % girls increased their awareness about gender and intoxication issues after 4 month intervention. The present study also showed that life skills education significantly reduced the alcohol and drug use among the studied adolescents. In a conclusive way we can say that 4 month residential camp have been exceptionally beneficial to these adolescents girls who have been not get a chance or due to some reason can't go to school for education. This strategy is invest in building capacities of youth to access meaningful livelihoods/jobs to augment incomes and take leadership roles for initiating and leading social change to affect development outcomes positively