2011 Issues in Information Systems  
Higher education institutions (HEIs) are knowledge organisations, discovering, creating, capturing and sharing large amounts of knowledge. Therefore, the concept of their knowledge management is a very common view of their core activities. Higher education institutions' information systems (HEI IS) support different processes and provide users with appropriate data. It is not enough to design and implement HEI IS as the sum of educational, business and external information solutions;
more » ... y HEI IS are aimed to be fully integrated and capable of synergy exploitation. The main purpose of this paper is to study HEI IS integration as a professors' knowledge management tool. The starting point to fulfil the purpose of the paper is to design HEI IS functional architecture, where professors are important but only one of the groups of HEI IS users, involved in numerous higher education processes together with the higher education institution's services and students. The most important part of professors' work is capturing and sharing the knowledge, concentrated around their courses and their students. HEI IS solutions integration architecture and HEI IS data integration architecture play a vital role in improving professors' experience when preparing courses and teaching, and as such form a stable professors' knowledge management tool.
doi:10.48009/2_iis_2011_80-86 fatcat:tvlgwbm5jnhp3gn2ohxeulf77u