Bachelor Project as a Final Assessment of Study Outcomes

Jolanta Lasauskienė
2013 Pedagogika  
Study projects are an important part of university studies. They are involved not only for estimating separate study subjects but also for estimating an overall study quality, final study outcomes. The article examines final projects of music pedagogy which are prepared at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences: peculiarities, educational importance and possibilities to strengthen practical training of future music teachers, by developing project and research activities competencies at
more » ... s competencies at university. The abilities of development are being presented in the context of study quality, final study outcomes. The aim of the research. To analyze music pedagogy projects defended in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and to determine the peculiarities of achieved project and research activity competencies (study outcomes). Methods of the research. Analysis of scientific sources, document analysis, expert method, content analysis. Results. Conclusions of the results reveal that competencies of project and research activities most often are only partially achieved by a music pedagogy students. The level of achievement of these competencies – study outcomes – is not the same: the easiest activities for bachelor's students are to plan and organize independently the investigations of professional activities, to implement education projects; whereas, the most difficult ones are to formulate a research problem, to analyze and interpret research data, to prepare research report. The worst acquired abilities of project activities (study outcomes) are: to determine relevant problems of music education, to validate a project under the appropriate methods, to formulate a scientific report. Within research activities (study outcomes) group the graduates find most difficult tasks, such as: to choose a particular research strategy, to select or compose research instruments, to describe properly results of data analysis, research conclusions and recommendations. The research reveals essential factors, which caused the difficulties in preparing (writing) Bachelor's projects (paper) on music pedagogy: the lack of various literacy and research skills. These competencies (study outcomes) ought to be improved both individually and during the modules of university studies, which particularly focusing on research skills and action research (projects).
doi:10.15823/p.2013.1837 fatcat:yjzewspdwjapdga4fso7uumeza