Simulation Analysis of External Damage and Repair of the Gas Transmission Pipeline

Xinhui Wang, Heng Li, Bing Li, Jie Sheng, Jinqiang Zhao, Yanlong Ding, Duhui Lu, Haichang Zhang
2022 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
External damage and repair of a gas transmission pipeline were often encountered in industrial production. The damage of the gas transmission pipeline and the evaluation after repair could be solved by the finite element simulation method. Damage assessment and postrepair assessment were carried out for an external damage example of a gas transmission pipeline in an oil field based on finite element software ABAQUS. Ideally, the finite element simulation results were modified by using the
more » ... tical calculation results of the gas transmission pipeline. Then, the simulation analysis of the defective gas transmission pipeline was carried out, and the corresponding maintenance suggestions were put forward. Finally, the B-type sleeve repair and carbon fiber composite repair were simulated and analyzed, respectively, and the bearing and stress of two kinds of repair were compared and analyzed. It was concluded that the repair effect of the carbon fiber composite was better than that of B-type sleeve. The research results could provide a new evaluation mechanism for pipeline defects and pipeline defects after repair and laid a foundation for quantitative risk assessment and repair of gas transmission pipelines.
doi:10.1155/2022/3978649 fatcat:ge55ffvav5ef5gqzlncdmhlx44