Security and Protection of Information

Petr Švéda
2003 unpublished
An attack does not have to be the biggest threat to a digital signature system or application. The real threat is failing, which implements the security required by law to establish trust. Today security and reliability have become the key for digital signature and electronic documents. In essence, a technical problem has become also a legal issue. Proprietary solutions are not compatible and their security depends on a closed design. Real solutions based on XML standards are solving only the
more » ... oblem of a content verification partially. It is one of the clue points, but other unsolved or partially solved problems are left there-e.g. content presentation, trust issues in signature creation, long-term signature verification, time stamps, compatibility and legal issues. A lot of drafts and partially pre-published standards exist there, which solve only several isolated problems. Any complete evaluation concept has not been published yet. This paper presents the evaluation approach based on requirements on a content, context and structure of a signed electronic document.