Development of the Software Application with Graphical User Interface for One Model Cyber Security

Ramaz R. Shamugia
2019 International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences  
The article is dedicated to the development of software application with graphical user interface for analyzing of the operation of Integrated System of Data Defense from cyber-threats (ISDD) which includes subsystems of detection and elimination of vulnerabilities existing in the system, as well as Requests of Unauthorized Access (RUA). In the subsystems of eliminations of vulnerabilities and queues of unauthorized access considered as multichannel queueing systems with corresponding servers
more » ... d queues, at random times there come requests to fix threats detected by the system. It is supposed that flows of requests demanding to eliminate threats coming to the mentioned subsystems of queueing systems are described with the Poisson distribution of probabilities, but processes of their elimination obey exponential law. For the system described above, there has been developed software realization of graphical interface which allows easily to change input parameters and observe graphical reflection of changes of the output indicators of the system.
doi:10.4236/ijcns.2019.1212014 fatcat:tjqriyjyijgbfhett3cqlqqkxe