E. Song, Y. Lee
2017 Innovation in aging  
Mississippi African Americans (AAs) have high prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), possibly resulting from higher obesity rates and accompanying serum leptin levels. This study examines the relationship between serum leptin levels, physical health (diastolic and systolic blood pressure [DBP, SBP], Body Mass Index [BMI]) and health behaviors (hours of sleep, physical activity [PA]) in mid-life and older African Americans (n=89), using data from six churches in two counties in North
more » ... , USA. Three multiple linear regression block analyses were performed with leptin as a dependent variable: Model 1 included confounding factors (taking aspirin regularly, currently smoking, taking BP medication, age, gender, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, C-reactive protein, glucose, and triglycerides); Model 2 added DBP, SBP and BMI (log-transformed); and Model 3 included hours of sleep and PA. Model 1 showed that 60.7% of the variance in leptin levels was accounted for by the confounding factors (p < .001). Model 2, accounted for an additional 13.5% of the variance (p < .001), and showed significant influence of gender (p <.001), glucose (p <.01), and BMI (p <.001). Model 3 accounted for an additional 3.1% (p< .001) with glucose (p =.006), gender (p<.001), and BMI (p <.001) remaining significant along with PA (p <.05). This study showed that higher BMI's and to a lesser extent lower PA were significantly associated with leptin levels. Further, being female and having higher serum glucose levels also were significant predictors of leptin levels. Implications for health care providers will be discussed. Japan Arterial stiffness (brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity; baPWV) is good predictor of mortality in later life. This prospective study used repeated measures analysis to examine potential baPWV trajectory patterns, and determine whether baPWV trajectory patterns were associated with all-cause mortality. 1,744 adults (mean age, 71.0 years; women, 57.0%) aged 65 years or older underwent tests of baPWV during 2003-2015 (total observation number was 7,419). We ascertained all death by checking local registry; 294 (16.9%) deaths occurred during the follow-up period (median follow-up of 7.2 years). We identified four major trajectory patterns of baPWV: lowest, second, third, highest trajectory groups. The mean baPWV for low level group (28.8%) was 1386cm/sec at age 65. Likewise, those for the second (46.2%), third (21.2%), and highest trajectory groups (3.8%) were 1667cm/sec, 2026cm/sec, and 2611cm/sec at 65y, respectively. All four group tracked parallel declining trajectory after 65 year-old. Compared with those in the lowest trajectory group, participants in
doi:10.1093/geroni/igx004.2822 fatcat:og6mh7uvonftzlj7a4ghqc23c4