ClipFlip : Multi-view Clipart Design [article]

I-Chao Shen, Kuan-Hung Liu, Li-Wen Su, Yu-Ting Wu, Bing-Yu Chen
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We present an assistive system for clipart design by providing visual scaffolds from the unseen viewpoints. Inspired by the artists' creation process, our system constructs the visual scaffold by first synthesizing the reference 3D shape of the input clipart and rendering it from the desired viewpoint. The critical challenge of constructing this visual scaffold is to generate a reference 3Dshape that matches the user's expectation in terms of object sizing and positioning while preserving the
more » ... ometric style of the input clipart. To address this challenge, we propose a user-assisted curve extrusion method to obtain the reference 3D shape.We render the synthesized reference 3D shape with consistent style into the visual scaffold. By following the generated visual scaffold, the users can efficiently design clipart with their desired viewpoints. The user study conducted by an intuitive user interface and our generated visual scaffold suggests that the users are able to design clipart from different viewpoints while preserving the original geometric style without losing its original shape.
arXiv:2008.12933v3 fatcat:rci6nrdt6fd3rayeenrs4qtg2m