Microwave-Assisted Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction of the Total Flavonoids from Taraxacum mongolicum

L Yang, J Lü
2016 Academia Journal of Scientific Research   unpublished
A microwave-assisted aqueous two-phase extraction (MA-ATPE) technique was employed to extract total flavonoids from Taraxacum mongolicum. The aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) was made up with ethanol and ammonium sulfate ((NH4)2SO4). The equilibrium phase diagram of the ATPS and the partition behavior of the total flavonoids in the ATPS were systematically measured. Based on the best separation effect, the ATPS with 26 and 18 wt % (NH4)2SO4 was chosen for the extraction of the total flavonoids
more » ... total flavonoids from T. mongolicum. Effect of irradiation power and irradiation time of microwave, as well as pH of aqueous two-phase system on the extraction yield of the total flavonoids was investigated. Response surface methodology was applied to optimize the experimental parameters of the extraction process. The optimal conditions thus obtained were as follows: ratio of ATPS liquid to dried T. mongolicum powder at 80 ml/g, irradiation power at 490 w, irradiation time for 45 s and ATPS pH value at 3.4. Under such conditions, the extraction yield reached 5.65%. The MA-ATPE is the most suitable technique for the extraction process studied.