Examination of the Views of Oliver Leaman in 'Sunna and its Role in Interpretation

Roqayyeh Beyrami
This paper examines the entry, 'Sunna and Its Role in Interpretation' by Oliver Leaman in The Qur'an: An Encyclopedia also edited by Oliver Leaman. The author of this entry has listed various uses of Sunna in interpreting the Qurʾān. These include use as legislative sources, interpretation of ambiguities in the Qurʾān, explication of general statements and condensed ideas in the Qurʾān, limitation of general laws and precepts, and presentation of necessary details for applying Islamic decrees.
more » ... nder each case, the author has presented Qurʾānic verses and traditions. Some shortcomings of this entry include presentation of the uses of traditions as sources of interpretation in an incoherent and unclassified manner, incorrect explication of some of these uses in selected interpretations of the Qurʾān, and citation of only popular Sunni traditions as well as unique and fabricated Sunni traditions. These shortcomings are discussed beside the examination of each application cited for Sunna in interpretation of the Qurʾān.