Presentation abstracts / Résumés d'exposés

Jean S. Maragno
2014 Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association  
There are many evidence-based resources available, particularly at the summaries level, e.g. Up-toDate † and FirstConsult † . However, they are broad in scope and it can be challenging to determine the extent to which individual medical specialities, such as surgery, are covered. As subscription rates continue to increase and the field of evidence-based surgery continues to expand, there is a growing need to identify resources with high levels of surgery relevant content. The purpose of this
more » ... dy is to develop and carry-out a method for analyzing and quantifying evidence-based summaries resources for surgery content. Methods: Based on the subscriptions available through an academic health sciences library, five summaries resources were chosen for comparison, Clinical Evidence † , DyanMed † , FirstConsult † , PIER † , and UptoDate † . Sufficient similarities in the structure and organization of these resources exist to permit the same search strategy to be used and for individual topic summaries to be retrieved. Using agreed upon criteria developed by a multidisciplinary team, the results from each resource were analyzed for relevance and categorized by surgical sub-discipline(s). Results: Preliminary results suggest that based on the evaluation criteria used, there is relatively little surgery relevant content, 8%Á11%, within these resources. Discussion: Through analyzing evidence-based summary resources from the perspective of surgery, the results of this study may be used by library staff and surgeons when selecting appropriate resources for their hospitals, clinics or for personal subscription. Further, the methods developed through this study may be used to conduct a similar analysis for other medical specialties. will learn how to obtain higher quality results from their Google searches. Discussion: Overall this session will address the topics of identifying quality internet resources, navigating strategies and techniques, and search engine tips, and how to outsmart Google in order to find the information you need.
doi:10.5596/c2012-017 fatcat:fuggxqzqqzcyrc6dh3irnq724m