Detection of Routing Misbehavior Nodes Using Improved 2-ACK in MANET'S (Simulation through NS-2)

P Samba, Siva Rao, Aswini Meher, T Kusuma, Y Vasudha, B-Tech Student
A MANET (mobile ad hoc network) is a collection of individual mobile nodes which communicate with each other vis wireless link.In some cases the node which refuses to share its resoureces with the other for its own benefits are called selfish or misbehaving nodes. Because of these nodes in MANETS performance of the network gets effected like scarcely available batter-based energy and node misbehaviours may exist.In this paper we use improved 2ACK scheme is used to identify these misbehaving
more » ... s in MANETS.It sends two-hop acknowledgement packets in opposite side of the routing path.Here we will be using the AODV(Ad Hoc On-Distance Vector Routing)protocol.The proposed improved @ACK scheme also reduces the overhead of ack's caused by 2ACK scheme (older version).