Evaluating The Variations And Correlations Between Ldl With Other Biochemical Parameters In Patients Of Different Physicians Referring To Clinical Lab During Seasons

Jafar Panahi
2017 Zenodo  
The influence of lipids on blood and plasma viscosity has not been fully elucidated An excess of weight including obesity have reached epidemic rates in all age groups, both in developed and developing countries. Biochemical Parameters maybe has relation with each other. This research aimed to study of relation between LDL with other biochemical parameters. For this study 1000 data about these experiments was collected from private laboratory in Ilam city. The data classified by disease, age,
more » ... by disease, age, sex and season. The data analyzed with SPSS software version 19 and used of various test such as. This study indicated that LDL has significant relationship with season, TG, cholesterol and HDL. And also we find this study shown that LDL has significant and direct relationship with season. For better result about relationship of biochemical parameter with each other we suggest that this study done in different area and analysis all of result and find the relationship. Key words: LDL, Biochemical Parameters, Seasons, Ilam.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1039863 fatcat:7fzwntwegzab3fbqf7dlaxj3ca