<>Raǧm - eine kritische Analyse

Mamdouh Mohamed El-Attar
2017 unpublished
The focus of this work is to present the various arguments for the punishment of stoning and to evaluate and critically examine their validity and strength. Above all, the argument that two different penalties for the same sin are prescribed because the person's family status changes the circumstances is addressed. To this end, different hadiths and verses are analyzed, which scholars see as evidence of their views. Finally, the circumstances under which Surah an-Nūr was revealed are dealt
more » ... aled are dealt with, since this sura talks extensively about "forbidden sexual intercourse" and its physical punishment. Here, a new interpretative approach to some ayat is taken, which puts the surah into a completely new light. This analysis is intended to consolidate and confirm the arguments presented in the course of this thesis against the penalty of stoning.
doi:10.25365/thesis.48173 fatcat:4j6mznovnjfivpmf5xocul5jzm