Wolf-Rayet Stars in Nearby Galaxies: Facts and Fancies [chapter]

Philip Massey, Taft E. Armandroff
1991 Wolf-Rayet Stars and Interrelations with other Massive Stars in Galaxies  
Surveys for Wolf-Rayet stars in nearby galaxies are briefly reviewed. The completeness and yield of these surveys are discussed in light of recent follow-up spectroscopy. A critical evaluation is made of our current knowledge of the Wolf-Rayet population in nearby galaxies, particularly the WC/WN ratio, the WR/O ratio, the WR surface density, and how these quantities vary within a galaxy and between galaxies, particularly as a function of metallicity. We compare the spectroscopic properties of
more » ... opic properties of Galactic and Magellanic Cloud WR stars with those in the more distant systems. 575 K. A. van der Hucht and B. Hidayat (eds.), Wolf-Rayet Stars and Interrelations with Other Massive Stars in Galaxies, 575-586.
doi:10.1007/978-94-011-3306-7_116 fatcat:dvoszanqezedlocqb7psdgpioi