Simulation of Hot Rolling Processing of an Al-Cu-Mg Alloy by Torsion Tests

Fernando Carreño, C.M. Cepeda-Jiménez, Felix Peñalba, Manuel Carsí, Oscar A. Ruano
2012 Materials Science Forum  
Hot torsion tests to fracture to simulate thermomechanical processing were carried out on a solution-treated Al-Cu-Mg alloy (Al 2024-T351) at constant temperature. Torsion tests were conducted to failure in the range 270 to 470°C, between 2 and 26 s-1. A peak ductility of the 2024 alloy was found at about 410°C. The high temperature data was analyzed by means of a Garofalo equation, obtaining a stress exponent of 6.1 and an activation energy for deformation of 180 kJ/mol. These high temperature
more » ... se high temperature deformation parameters correspond to an underlying deformation mechanism of constant substructure (n=8) but experiencing increasing microstructure coarsening with increasing temperature. The workability of the alloy was characterized by maximum energy efficiency and stability maps constructed from the torsion tests data to determine optimal conditions for the forming process, which depend on applied strain rate. A forming temperature of about 400°C is recommended.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:rwtgkorwprcenggab6thct3ahi