Strategic Competition: Russian and Chinese Influence in Latin America and the Caribbean

2022 Global Security Review  
This article is taken from a larger report published by Ryan C. Berg and Hal Brands titled "The Return of Geopolitics: Latin America and the Caribbean in an Era of Great-Power Rivalry". The full publication can be found at publications. W ith the advent of the Biden administration, it has become clear that the idea of focusing U.S. strategy on "great-power competition" enjoys widespread bipartisan support. American statecraft is increasingly directed at the
more » ... threats posed by powerful state rivals-especially China-as opposed to Salafi-Jihadist extremists and other non-state actors. 2 Yet geopolitical rivalry is not simply something that happens "over there," in the Indo-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. It also happens "over here"-within the Western Hemisphere.
doi:10.25148/gsr.2.009780 fatcat:eymnb2efwneeppzbdiqfckabda